A little bit of history in every bite.


Our story begins on Long Island in 1929 when my great-grandparents, grandparents, and their siblings opened eight poultry farms on Long Island, selling chickens to wholesalers in Queens and the Bronx. At the time the Bethpage area was primarily farmland.


It was on a cool fall Saturday in November that our grandfather opened his first small retail store on Hempstead Turnpike selling fresh turkeys to the public. Later he added farm fresh eggs, sweet butter, baked breads and other staples his customers were requesting.


In 1949, our grandfather was the first to offer rotisserie chickens cooked over an open flame in barbecue ovens. He was truly a pioneer in retail takeout food, expanding his menu to include fresh homemade salads to compliment his rotisserie chicken.


A short time afterwards he added his soon to be famous southern fried chicken and barbecued spare ribs. This turned into a thriving takeout business. His menu kept growing as he met his customers’ needs. Before long he had a complete catering menu designed for the holidays. Eventually his customers were using his take home catering service all year long. Our grandparents created recipes and made all the spices for the products that they sold in their retail store. As you would imagine, complete takeout meals and catering was a very new concept in the 1950’s and became very popular on Long Island. Some tried to imitate this concept, but Zorn’s was always number one.


Now over seven decades and four generations later, we are still family owned and operated and have hundreds of freshly made items for our customers to choose from. We still use many of the same recipes and cooking methods used by our grandfather. Some are looked upon as old fashioned by today’s standards, but this is how we maintain our high quality and consistency. The value of our generous portions, personalized customer service, quality ingredients and our family recipes have made our stores a success, and we thank you for choosing Zorn’s.